Regional Manager, Christina

Regional managers provide overall oversight of activities in the region they are assigned. They are employed by technical and implementing partners to oversee and provide general guidance for two or more branches in a region. They troubleshoot and provide support to branch managers to optimise operations. They have limited interactions with end users but provide the link between field operations and the head office.

Regional Manager

“I heard that some branches have already had challenges with mobile phones.”


Christina been working at BRAC for six years. She manages four branches and works closely with the CHW Managers there. She makes sure CHW Managers are monitoring CHWs. She occasionally does random checks, driving out to villages and observing Managers with CHWs.


  • Visionary
  • Integrity
  • Good communication
  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Wisdom
  • Empathy


  • Overall responsibility of the Region’s activities
  • Oversees implementation of organisational goals
  • Communicates organisational goals and strategies to CHW managers
  • Liaise and ensure compliance with Ministries, NGO boards and regulatory bodies
  • Promote advocacy efforts of the program
  • Supervises and supports staff to attain their career goals
  • Approval of quarterly logistic plans for CHW managers
  • Reviews and approves CHW’s continuous education programs
  • Evaluates programs impact and advises on key priority areas of focus
  • Realignment of programs to changing ecosystem
  • Budgetary planning for region’s activities
  • Tracking branches’ and CHW manager’s performance
  • Monthly indicators tracking to ensure realization of organisational goals


  • Real time access of data on supervision activities ongoing in their region
  • Access to summary statistics on project indicators
  • Timely submission of monthly reports on retention and turnover rates for CHWs
  • Escalation of CHW retraining needs, challenges and proposed solutions
  • Opportunities to conduct random checks to assess the CHWs perceptions of their managers support


  • Desire to improve lives of communities
  • Desire to practice community health strategies learnt at school
  • Organisational goals align well with personal goals

Strengths and Assets

  • Provided with a company car and computer
  • Has a welcoming heart and accessible to employees
  • Team player

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