Implementing Partners

Implementing partners aim to build a new model of care with demonstrated evidence for impact and scalability. They are interested in pioneering data-driven approaches to achieve the desired community health outcomes.

Characteristics and Strengths

  • May have influence and reach with the government to adopt and scale-up the new model of care
  • Have a good understanding of the health needs of communities
  • Have an appreciation for the role of digital technology in healthcare
  • May have deployed, or are planning to deploy, digital health tools in the community health space
  • Support government’s CHW networks, and may have fielded their own cadre of CHWs
  • Are leveraging data and data science to innovate on new approaches to achieving desired health outcomes
  • Have access to health systems data from the deployment of a new model of care
  • May possess existing capacity, or are looking to build, the in-house capacity to deploy and implement digital health tools
  • May have already invested significantly in proprietary locked-in software
  • Keen to attract funding from large funders
  • May have a presence in multiple countries


  • Equitable access to quality health care
  • Developing national and local capacities
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Government and donor relations
  • Harmonization and alignment to the national health strategies
  • Integration with national digital health platforms
  • Government adoption and ownership of their model of care


  • Government support and buy-in
  • Funder backing and resources to design and deploy digital health programs
  • HCD and data science capabilities
  • May need further understanding and expertise in working with CHT and opensource tools

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