User Personas

The “typical” users of CHT Apps across diverse contexts

User personas give us a common understanding of who we are serving, particularly when working across diverse contexts. Our global personas are based on “typical” users, knowing that some variation is present in different settings.

Being explicit about who are we designing with and for, and understanding what’s important to them helps us prioritize features, make better design decisions, and optimize impact.

The Professionalized Community Health Worker (CHW), Janet

CHWs are the central users of apps built with the Core Framework. CHWs conduct household visits and are responsible for the health of their community. CHWs are known and trusted locally and typically live in and are chosen by their community. Their degree of health training, responsibilities, and support depends upon their country and program. The majority of CHWs are women, ranging from 25-60 years old.

CHW Supervisor, Ann

The CHW supervisor is the person who trains and supports CHWs and helps them meet their monthly goals. Supervisors usually split their time between administrative duties at the local health facility and accompanying CHWs on their community visits.

Regional Manager, Christina

Regional managers provide overall oversight of activities in the region they are assigned. They are employed by technical and implementing partners to oversee and provide general guidance for two or more branches in a region. They troubleshoot and provide support to branch managers to optimise operations. They have limited interactions with end users but provide the link between field operations and the head office.

Nurse, Mary

Nurses are stationed at the health facility and spend their days seeing patients. They are typically very busy and may see 50 or more patients a day. At the clinic, they sometimes deal with staff shortages, stock-outs, and poor internet connectivity. They help train and manage CHWs, particularly during monthly meetings at the facility. They are interested in seeing improvements in health metrics for the areas their facility serves.

Data Manager, Paul

Data Managers are often based at a regional health facility or a program or administrative unit and serve many local facilities. They are responsible for collating and reporting on community and health system data. Their work often involves following up with supervisors and nurses to verify data and retrieve missing information.

App Builders

App builders and technical organizations develop and deliver world-class software contextualized to meet their clients’ needs and deliver value to their stakeholders.

Partner Personas

An overview of CHT Partner Personas