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Icons for use in CHT application based on our human centered design principles

We believe in making our simple but strong visual iconography open and accessible to all. We have assembled and designed these icons for use with the Community Health Toolkit based on our human centered design principles.

About the Icon Library

Example Icons

This collection of over 60 beautiful icons was made for use in CHT applications. We will continually update this library as new icons are developed for different workflows.

Use the forms_tasks_targets folder to find PNG and SVG icons for application code. All instances on 2.15.0 and later should be using SVG icons because they are smaller files. If your project has families or households as the lowest level of the hierarchy, use the people_and_places folder to swap out icons as needed so your hierarchy has the correct icons.

NOTE: For those using cht-conf to upload resources, make sure you add the correct icons for people and places to your resources.json file. Otherwise, uploading resources will inadvertently remove your people and place icons. An issue is being raised in cht-conf to solve this. You’ll need to define medic-clinic, medic-health-center, medic-district-hospital and medic-person in your resources.json and set them to the appropriate SVG files.

The design team has put together a resource to help with best practices when selecting and using icons in configuration. Check out the best practices to learn more about which icons can be used for which use cases and workflows.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Icons for Forms, Tasks, Targets

Recommended icons for Forms, Tasks, Targets of CHT apps

Icons for People and Places

Recommended icons for people and places within the hierarchy of CHT apps