Mapping User on the CHT Hierarchy

Mapping users on the CHT hierarchy

Purpose Of the Guide

This guide will take you through mapping of users on CHT hierarchy, including:

  • defining the hierarchy (reporting structure)
  • defining user roles
  • mapping user personas to the CHT hierarchy

Brief Overview of Key Concepts

A user persona is a generalized character that embodies a particular type of user.

User roles are the activities that the user personas are expected to carry out.

A hierarchy represents the reporting structure.

Prerequisites/Required Resources



1. Define the Hierarchy

Identify the reporting structure of the user personas in order to have a flawless flow of data from one level to another.

For instance, family members belong to a household. Households and CHWs belong to a CHW area. CHW areas and nurses belong a health facility. Additional levels may be added as needed. The administrator level operates outside of the hierarchy and gives access to all levels and people.

The app hierarchy is often modeled after the health system, health program or community structure. All people who are registered in the app must be associated with a place. These places are located in a hierarchy to other places.

2. Define the User Roles

Determine all the actors within the system in terms of who will be doing what.

3. Map User Personas to the Hierarchy