4.8.0 release notes

Known issues

Check the repository for the latest known issues.

Upgrade notes

Breaking changes


UI/UX changes




The Contacts page loads much faster now. Using apdex scores and testing on low spec devices, we were able to identify slow areas and make improvements to both the list view and the detail view.

Apdex Improvements

  • #9006: Improves performance of the list view by reducing the number of rows fetched each time
  • #9019: Improves performance of the detail view by reducing loops for tasks and reports


Two security issues with severity level of “high” and one of “low” were fixed in this release. The long standing security issues were detected during routine penetration tests. We recommend upgrading as soon as possible to get the best possible cybersecurity protection.

  • #8886: Protect against a malicious 3rd party using the redirect after login feature to steal credentials
  • #9108: Ensure users with basic access are not allowed to self-promote themselves to a user with more permissions
  • #9122: Ensure users with basic access are not allowed to sensitive configuration files, like translations

And more…




  • #8884: Add Swahili Translations
  • #9118: Use helm repository for cht-core helm-chart

Performance improvements

  • #9006: Improve Apdex score of contact_list
  • #9019: Reduce loops when processing tasks and reports

Bug fixes

  • #8599: CouchDB single-node set-up script fails at creating system db’s if admin pw contains special characters

Technical improvements

  • #8788: Flaky test: Testing Incorrect locale
  • #8929: Bump update-service-kubernetes in helmchart
  • #9069: Server checks test is emitting 10k lines to the console
  • #9079: Integration tests fail with 420 Too Many Requests when running on a fast machine
  • #9080: Add @medic/logger shared library
  • #9085: add tests/helm/values.yaml to .gitignore
  • #9100: Move cht-form tests from e2e to integration
  • #9113: Add a build step to validate PR titles conform to commitlint standard


Thanks to all who committed changes for this release!