4.1.0 release notes

Known issues

Check the repository for the latest known issues.

Upgrade notes

Breaking changes


UI/UX changes

Bulk delete of reports redesign

The bulk delete of Reports tab has been redesigned to allow the user to select multiple reports and delete them. You can read more about it in the Reports tab docs.

  • #7778: Bulk delete of reports redesign


Support replacing a CHW user without any connectivity

Offline users can now be replaced on a device so that a new user can use that device without needing to immediately sync with the server. You can read more about it in the transitions configuration docs.

And more…




  • #5903: Users in projects have multiple configured roles
  • #7127: Record device id in feedback docs
  • #7472: Correct typo in rapidpro endpoint path
  • #7525: Register feedback doc when forms fail to load
  • #7592: /api/v1/users returned “type” is only the first role, but many users have multiple roles
  • #7595: Fix breatfeeding typo in default config
  • #7703: Ability to replace a CHW user without any connectivity
  • #7900: Reorder hamburger menu so that logout isn’t next to sync

Security fixes


Performance improvements


Bug fixes

  • #6994: Reports with empty patient_id fields don’t link to contact in the UI

Technical improvements

  • #7001: Remove references to “Travis” from code and readmes
  • #7806: Add e2e to verify breadcrumbs in Message tab and Tasks tab
  • #7841: Refactor privacy policy controller to use template service
  • #7862: Use the right palette variables across webapp
  • #7878: Create base for wdio mobile e2e automation and automate bulk delete
  • #7944: Staging URL placeholder replacement uses old builds database


Thanks to all who committed changes for this release!