3.6.0 release notes

Known issues


Upgrade notes

Breaking changes

There are no breaking changes when upgrading from 3.5.x.

Supported software

There are no required changes to the supported software matrix from 3.0.0.

NodeCouchDBBrowsersSMS bridgeAndroidmedic-androidmedic-couch2pg
8.11+2.1+Chrome 53+, Firefox latestmedic-gateway4.4+0.4.5+3.0+

Africa’s Talking integration

Version 3.6.0 includes an integration with the Africa’s Talking SMS aggregator. This allows us to offer a cloud based alternative to managing your own medic-gateway devices. We have created a new routine and a new set of API endpoints to send SMS via Africa’s Talking, process callbacks from Africa’s Talking, and update the status of outgoing messages. Please note that this integration is disabled by default. For more information read the configuration documentation.

mRDT timestamp metadata

Version 3.6.0 includes a backward compatible enhancement to the processing of mRDT metadata. Since v0.1.5, the rdt-capture app includes a timestamp representing how long it takes the CHV to capture the RDT. This piece of information is passed to the android wrapper medic-android which, since v0.4.30, passes it to the webapp. Once the mRDT form is submitted, this new field timeTaken will be stored in the resulting document.


When we released 3.5.0, we noted the existence of a performance regression when loading the list of Contacts. This issue has been resolved in 3.6.0.

And more…


  • medic#5604: Integration with Africa’s Talking SMS aggregator
  • medic#5695: Reports with mRDT photo should also include timestamp metadata from the mRDT app


  • horticulturalist#41: Support and build against Node versions 8, 10, and 12
  • medic-android#78: After merge to master: build, version, sign, and upload through Travis
  • medic-collect#27: Publish signed builds to GH Releases
  • medic-conf#172: Add a command to update the parents of contacts
  • medic-gateway#145: Publish signed builds to GH Releases
  • medic#1978: Implement heartbeat to detect 401s for admin users
  • medic#4815: Add support for malnutrition reporting to standard
  • medic#5464: Add new permissions to allow users to view outgoing messages and export tabs of the admin app
  • medic#5485: Muso supervisors can’t review mRDT reports while having a replication depth of 1

Performance fixes

Bug fixes

  • medic-android#74: Remove reference to stale android-check dependency
  • medic#3254: Trying to send a message when logged out is weird
  • medic#3299: Not showing login screen if logged out until refresh
  • medic#3919: 401s should always redirect to the login page
  • medic#5654: Timer widget beeps even after cancelling the form
  • medic#5750: Admin upgrade page doesn’t update
  • medic#5753: CSP error in Console rendering forms with attached images
  • medic#5760: The initial_replication_date in info docs is always unknown
  • medic#5767: Node environment error after upgrading to 3.5.0 release
  • medic#5789: Muso’s mRDT supervisor tasks cannot resolve

Technical issues

  • medic#5642: Ensure that all Android apps support 64bit
  • medic#5694: Update apps to use local shared-libs
  • medic#5736: Build deletion script fails to execute
  • medic#5739: Make bundles smaller by deduping dependencies