3.2.0 release notes

Upgrade notes

There are no breaking changes when upgrading from 3.1.x.


You can now mute people and places which stops any scheduled messages from being sent and updates the UI for that contact. [#4767]


For more information read the feature overview and the configuration documentation.

UHC performance

If you have UHC configured loading contacts is now much faster. [#4768]


The following benchmarks were taken on a Tecno Y4 as a CHW with a representative amount of data.

Last visit dateLoad 50 contacts75s30s60%
Last visit dateLoad 50 contacts after home_visit form submission110s60s45%
Last visit dateLoad 150 contacts after home_visit form submission195s75s62%
Last visit dateLoad 150 contacts after contact edit178s50s72%
AlphabeticallyLoad 50 contacts43s30s31%
AlphabeticallyLoad 50 contacts after home_visit form submission56s60s-7%
AlphabeticallyLoad 150 contacts after home_visit form submission130s60s54%
AlphabeticallyLoad 150 contacts after contact edit144s60s57%

And more…


  • Update the on/off handling to mark an individual as muted [#4768]

Bug fixes

  • Automated reply not generated when OFF/ON texfrom is sent without a patient id [#4649]
  • The update_notifications transition is not muting schedules [#3362]
  • CouchDB 2.3.0 has reduced the allowed length of GET requests [#5083]

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