3.15.0 release notes

Known issues

Check the repository for the latest known issues.

Upgrade notes

Breaking changes


UI/UX changes



Support reporting of Bikram Sambat dates using JSON forms

SMS forms can now include a date form for submitting an exact date in Bikram Sambat format. Learn how to use this feature in the documentation.

#4613: Support reporting of dates as exact date using text forms

A new API for adding users in bulk

Previously there was an API for creating a single user but this feature adds an API for creating multiple users in one go. This is particularly useful when setting up a new project or expanding into a new area. Find out more about the API in the documentation.

#7490: Add API to create many users

Faster app loading for users on weak internet connections

The CHT webapp is now fully Offline-First which means the app starts just as quickly whether you have fast internet, slow internet, or no internet at all. In the worst case the application startup used to take over 2 minutes, but with this fix it now takes around 1 second.

#7492: User stuck on spinner on app load on a poor connection

And more…




  • #4613: Support reporting of dates as exact date using text forms
  • #7139: Require additional permission for accessing the upgrade page and/or upgrade api endpoint
  • #7490: Add API to create many users
  • #7529: Increase Enketo’s size limit for uploading files
  • #7561: Record the form’s version when saving a report

Security fixes


Performance improvements


Bug fixes

  • #6960: New users might be prompted to accept the privacy policy twice or shown the tour modal twice
  • #7072: Admin upgrade page shows all upgrades as potentially incompatible
  • #7362: Webapp isn’t a valid PWA
  • #7464: Webapp report filters are not applied to export
  • #7465: Report export doesn’t filter by “verified” correctly
  • #7492: User stuck on spinner on app load on a poor connection
  • #7505: Feedback doc created in race condition when trying to update privacy policy for new user
  • #7538: Not redirecting to login page when clicking on the browser’s back button
  • #7559: Re-enable the ability to get user’s language in Enketo forms

Technical improvements

  • #6282: Remove the Theme page
  • #7495: Update dependencies for 3.15
  • #7507: Retry resetting user contact doc in e2e tests
  • #7533: Token login e2e test flake
  • #7557: Quick code fixes: import alias, service interface data type, remove unused parameters.
  • #7580: Flakey snackbar tests