3.10.2 release notes

Known issues

Check the repository for the latest known issues.

Supported software

There are no required changes to the supported software matrix from 3.0.0.

NodeCouchDBBrowsersSMS bridgeAndroidmedic-androidmedic-couch2pg
8.11+2.1+Chrome 53+, Firefox latestmedic-gateway4.4+0.4.5+3.0+

Bug fixes

  • cht-core#6848: Language translations not working when not supported by make-plural


  • cht-core#6849: Add bootstrap-datepicker translations for Tagalog (tl) Illonggo (hil) and Bisaya (ceb) languages
  • cht-core#6861: Add moment locales for Tagalog (tl) Illonggo (hil) and Bisaya (ceb) languages

We recognize that it is atypical to have new features in a “bugfix” version. Due to the nature of the features and their relation to the bug being fixed we are handling the 3 changes together as a logical bugfix release.