3.1.0 release notes

Upgrade notes

There are no breaking changes when upgrading from 3.0.x.

What’s New

SMS spam protection

SMS message generation will be skipped if an identical message has been generated recently meaning our software won’t get into an infinite loop with autoresponding robots. [#4715].

Flexible phone number validation

Phone number validation can be configured to be strict (default), tolerant, or disabled altogether. This is useful if phone numbers are being incorrectly rejected as invalid which can happen if carriers update their number ranges. [#4127]

Additional age formats

JSON forms can now include age in months or years in addition to days or weeks which makes it easier to register older children and adults. [#4597]


Improved document level permissions checking

Private data is now better protected against unauthorized access. [#2733, #2734]

And more…

19 individual issues have been fixed in this release - read more.