2.8.0 release notes


  • Pass user’s info to rule to customize Tasks per user type or location. Issue: #2408
  • Add context to target types and goals. Issue: #2409
  • Update default translations
  • Add ageInDays and ageInMonths functions to the XML forms context utilities. Issue: #2650
  • Users can now only access an optionally configured number of hierarchy levels below their facility. Issue: #2648

Bug fixes

  • Android back button doesn’t work as expected. Issue: #2600
  • In date filter for Reports tab, the selected dates are being offset by 1 day. Issue: #2185
  • ‘New Contact’ option does not appear without a search. Issue: #2516
  • Place contact should be a child of the place. Issue: #1710
  • Geolocation information is not included in submitted form. Issue: #2450
  • Cannot update a contact’s phone number without an error. Issue: #2420