2.12.0 release notes


  • Add sync status indicator for offline users. Issue: #3357
  • Add gateway message delivery statuses. Issue: #3073
  • Add a replication_date property to records. Issue: #2180
  • Change patient id generation to store the length of id it’s generating. Issues: #3505
  • Allow form upload through Form Configuration UI. Issue: #3433

Bug fixes

  • On small screen, cannot re-open date filter in history tab. Issue: #3467
  • Debug section of the About screen has some weird extra text. Issue: #3463
  • Medic Gateway runs into document update conflicts while trying to upload sms status. Issue: #3443
  • Stop maintain_info_doc transition from writing sentinel metadata. Issue: #3424
  • Webapp does not supply XML forms (XForms) to Collect. Issue: #3390
  • Cannot render form in Firefox. Issue: #3354
  • False positive error uploading translations. Issue: #3350
  • Exporting server logs fails with api 500. Issue: #3209
  • AWS EC2 AMI Regression: Does not currently boot. Issue: #3173
  • Form exits on Refresh/Reload in Tasks tab. Issue: #3090
  • Facility reference code fails to match when using integers and textforms. Issue: #1058

UI/UX improvements

  • Bullet displayed incorrectly. Issue: #3020
  • File chooser for importing translations should filter for .properties files. Issue: #3474
  • Show loading progress when app is starting. Issue: #3384