2.11.0 release notes

Migration notes

  • #3230 changes patient ID generation so it automatically increases the length as needed, up to 13 digits. If you are validating incoming patient_ids in Sentinel, be sure to remove or correct any length restrictions, e.g. ^[0-9]{5}$ would become ^[0-9]{5,13}$.
  • #3166 adds a new transition that adds patient_ids to every created person: generate_patient_id_on_people. Enable this transition if you want to send SMS about patients that may be created through the webapp.


  • Drop id_format app setting in favour of auto-lengthening ids. Issue: #3230
  • Support for Nepali number characters. Issue: #3192
  • Show XForm in User’s language. Issue: #3174
  • Sentinel needs to support these patient_id use cases. Issue: #3166
  • Enable users to export, even if they do not have permission to configure. Issue: #3113
  • Support required_message and required_message translations in Enketo. Issue: #3056

Bug fixes

  • namespace-form-fields migration causing Express toString fail. Issue: #3371
  • Cannot use Collect with username/password fields. Issue: #3118
  • No permissions available for configuration on first run. Issue: #3251
  • Fix outdated npm shrinkwrap entry for enketo-core. Issue: #3352
  • Set user-agent header in Medic Collect. Issue: #3334
  • Buttons in LHS FAB disappear. Issue: #3321
  • Analytics tab Hindi text is not aligning properly. Issue: #3297
  • Relative times are not translated. Issue: #3282
  • Submitting feedback no longer works. Issue: #3273
  • Full access users cannot create users, even when they have the appropriate permissions. Issue: #3262
  • Sending a message from the Messages tab creates a message with uuid equal to database URL. Issue: #3242
  • API does not check if COUCH_NODE_NAME is set at startup. Issue: #3226
  • Support Nepali calendar in outgoing SMS. Issue: #3219
  • New reports for same time period do not replace previous ones. Issue: #3160
  • API is picky about trailing slashes for SMS endpoint. Issue: #3152
  • Couchdb’s startup.log does not include timestamps. Issue: #3131
  • Exporting feedback crashed api and it didn’t come back. Issue: #3107
  • Export server logs from webapp does not work. Issue: #3089
  • Requesting audit log makes server unresponsive. Issue: #1789
  • Unrecognized input type found when trying to reset. Issue: #1655

UI/UX improvements

  • Contact profile fields collapse on mobile. Issue: #3306
  • Disable cancel buttons when saving. Issue: #1650

Performance improvements

  • enketo-core package.json is included in inbox.js bundle. Issue: #3293
  • Use enketo xml cache for contact forms too. Issue: #3325