Improvements that are being worked on, and those that are being considered next

The CHT is actively developed by Medic, a non-profit organization that serves as the technical steward, alongside many partners in the CHT Community.

Improvements for the CHT are raised and discussed with the community in the Forum, and tracked in the CHT Roadmap. The roadmap is organized around Product initiatives; specific improvement areas that align with medium and long-term vision for the CHT. These initiatives are organized by the ones that are being worked on Now, those that are likely Next, and those that might be Later.


The views represent initiatives being tackled by multidisciplinary working groups that focus on different key users: Care Teams for patients, caregivers, CHWs, supervisors; Allies for those that support health systems, like program administrators and app builders; and Infrastructure for CHT hosting service providers and core developers.


Initiatives are communicated quarterly to the CHT Community on the CHT Forum and discussed monthly on the CHT Roundup calls. Please reach out via the Forum to discuss your ideas and thoughts on product improvements.

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