Overview of CHT Components

Technical overview and reference of CHT components

This section provides an overview and reference of the Core Framework used to develop digital health apps in the Community Health Toolkit (CHT).

Architecture of CHT Instances

The different pieces of a CHT project, how they interact, and what they’re used for

CHT Watchdog

An open source monitoring system using Grafana and Prometheus

CHT Sync and CHT Pipeline

Data synchronization tools to enable analytics

Database schema conventions

Schema for database objects

Offline-First in the CHT

An overview of what Offline-First means, why the CHT uses it, and how to contribute code that uses it.

Installation as a Progressive Web App

What it means that the CHT Core web application is a Progressive Web App.

Data Flows for Analytics

An overview of data flows in the CHT for analytics, impact monitoring, and data science

Sentinel Transitions

Overview of Transitions, JavaScript code that runs server-side when database documents change

How To Manage Translations

Process for managing translations in CHT Core


Improvements that are being worked on, and those that are being considered next