Updating Dependencies

Process for updating dependencies

Every minor release we update dependencies to get the latest fixes and improvements. We do this early in the release cycle so that we have some more time to find regressions and issues. This is done on all folders with a package.json, including:

  • cht-core
    • / (root)
    • /admin
    • /api
    • /sentinel
    • /shared-libs/*
    • /webapp
  • cht-conf


  1. git checkout master && git pull - get the latest code
  2. git checkout -b "<issue>-update-dendencies" - make a branch

Then for each folder go through these steps.

  1. npm ci - update your local node_modules to match expected
  2. npm outdated - report on any dependencies which aren’t at the latest
  3. npm install --save[-dev] package@version - install the latest version (be careful and read the release notes if the new version is a major change from the current)
  4. npm dedupe - remove duplicated dependencies
  5. npm audit fix - automatically fix any nested dependencies with vulnerabilities
  6. npm audit - get a report on any remaining vulnerabilities and manually scan it to see if there’s anything else you can do


  • Don’t update bootstrap to 4+ as it has many breaking changes. One day we will either raise an issue to upgrade it or migrate off it, but that is outside the scope of this change.
  • Don’t update bootstrap-daterangepicker.
  • Don’t update select2 as the latest patch always seems to fail.
  • Don’t update jquery to 3.6.0+ as the select2 search input looses focus on click event, this is an open issue in their repository.
  • Make sure the version of webapp/jquery is the same as webapp/enketo-core/jquery.
  • Make sure the version of api/enketo-xslt is the same as webapp/enketo-core/enketo-transformer/enketo-xslt.
  • Don’t update loadash/core since 4.17.21 is failing, this is an open issue in their repository.
  • Don’t update helmet since it is not supporting NodeJS 8 anymore. Its minimum is NodeJS 10+.
  • If you have trouble upgrading any other dependency and you think it’ll be challenging to fix it then raise a new issue to upgrade just that dependency. Don’t hold up all the other upgrades you’ve made.


npm errno -17

If npm ci errors with “errno -17” in shared-libs you may need to manually remove the nested dependencies from the package-lock.json. This needs move investigation to work out why this is happening.

select2 is not a function

If you get TypeError: "$(...).select2 is not a function" then either:

  1. You bumped select2. For some reason this breaks it.
  2. You have multiple jquery libraries and select2 is getting attached to one but not the other. Make sure the jquery versions in enketo-core and webapp match and you’ve run dedupe to remove the enketo-core copy.