Instructions for releasing CHT tools

CHT core

Create an issue for either a Major/Minor or Patch release issue template and assign it to the release manager to follow the process.


Follow the instructions in the readme.

Android apps

All medic Android projects automatically build, sign, and publish builds via Travis. To create a new release:

  1. Determine what version the build will be. This should be a valid semver (eg. v1.1.1). Increment the semver appropriately based on the latest release version:
  2. Tag the commit in master which you’d like to release. Use git tag v1.1.1 with the version from above and then run git push --tags.
  3. Wait for the build to complete. You can monitor the build via
  4. To Release via the Google Play Store - Login to the Google Play Console and select the app flavor for release. Navigate to “Release Management > Alpha” and click “Release to Beta”. Repeat this for each flavor.
  5. To Side-Load (for Collect and Gateway) - Navigate to the GitHub Releases page (linked above) and download the relevant APKs for distribution.