CHT Core Framework

Technical overview and architecture of CHT Core used to build digital health applications

This section provides an overview and reference for development of the Core Framework of the Community Health Toolkit (CHT).

The Core Framework makes it faster to build full-featured, scalable digital health apps by providing a foundation developers can build on. These apps can support most languages, are Offline-First, and work on basic phones (via SMS), smartphones, tablets, and computers.

App developers are able to define health system roles, permissions and reporting hierarchies, and make use of five highly configurable areas of functionality: messaging, task and schedule management, decision support workflows, longitudinal person profiles, and analytics.

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The Core Framework can be used to support the unique needs of a given health system and the work of community health workers, frontline supervisors, facility-based nurses, health system managers, and even patients and caregivers. Visit the Commuity Health Toolkit website to request a self-guided demo of an app built with the Core Framework. You can also explore an overview of the Core Framework and its key features.

Overview of CHT Components

Technical overview and reference of CHT components

Core Framework Releases

Versions currently supported, dependencies, and release notes for the CHT Core Framework