Synthesizing Nuggets

How to synthesize nuggets in the UX Research Repository to identify insights
  1. Product owners review new Nuggets weekly
    1. Deal with duplicates
  2. Product trio and stakeholders review Nuggets quarterly
    1. Facilitator creates a new “Grid” on the Nuggets table with the date of the workshop
    2. Facilitator applies filters to identify Nuggets to be reviewed
      1. Date (last synthesis workshop to current date)
      2. Focused group (Care or Allies)
      3. Not already associated to an insight
      4. Export filtered Nuggets to CSV
    3. Make copy of latest Miro board and import CSV as stickies
    4. Product trio and stakeholders discuss and sort stickies into existing or new themes
    5. Define problem statements per theme as insights
    6. Return to Baserow and add insights to corresponding nuggets