Key Concepts

Baserow Key Concepts

There are a number of Baserow key concepts to understand before diving in. These are specific to how we’ve chosen to implement the repository.

Interview Subject

This is the person that was interviewed or otherwise provided information/feedback.

Example: Julius Nyerere


The company that the “Interview Subject” belongs to or associates with.

Example: MoH Furahi


These are links to, and metadata about, the “Evidence”. These are typically audio or video recordings stored on google drive, but can also be links to PDFs, forum posts, etc..

Example: Audio recording of a generative interview with Julius on 9-June-2021


An observation gathered through research or an atomic unit of research insight.

Example: Users can’t easily find who they’re looking for


These are identified during quarterly synthesis sessions by grouping nuggets into themes and developing problem statements around them. Each individual nugget is then tagged to an insight.

Example: Julius tapped on the X icon many times before the window closed. He seemed frustrated.


Product suggestions or requests that did not necessarily come directly from a product trio member interviewing or observing a user. These are often taken from forum posts or other 3rd party means.

Example: Forum Post: It would be nice if the CHT used comic sans font

Baserow Concepts