Adding Nuggets

How to add nuggets in the UX Research Repository

The majority of research observations will come from interviews with CHT users. Here’s how you will enter these observations, called “Nuggets”, into the UX Research Repo.

After conducting your interview, copy the video recording to Google Drive (more info here). You’ll need to reference this later.

High Level Steps

  1. Add the Organization (of the person you interviewed) if it doesn’t already exist
  2. Create the Interview Subject if this is the first time we’ve interviewed or entered observations from this person.
  3. Create a record for the Sample of the recording.
  4. Add research observations a.k.a. “Nuggets”!

Ready to see how this looks like? See a demo.

To gain access to the UX Research Repo and browse through existing nuggets, please reach out in the #product-management Slack channel. The access to the repository is currently restricted to the Medic team.