UX Research Repository

How to keep track of product research

The Medic Product team uses baserow.io as a place to keep product research. Baserow is very similar to airtable.com, getgrist.com, and Google Sheets.

The UX Research Repository is based off of concepts from WeWork’s Polaris project. You can see an example of the Polaris (which uses Airtable) here.

The Baserow interface can be seen below. The items in the list on the left are “tables” that we have created. On the right is the “Grid”. It looks just like a spreadsheet and you can have multiple views of the same grid.

The Baserow interface 👆🏼

To gain access to the UX Research Repo, please reach out in the #product-owner-chatter Slack channel. The access to the repository is currently restricted to the Medic team.

Key Concepts

Baserow Key Concepts

About Interviews

How to organize interviews in the UX Research Repository

Adding Nuggets

How to add nuggets in the UX Research Repository

Synthesizing Nuggets

How to synthesize nuggets in the UX Research Repository to identify insights

Publishing Insights

How to share quarterly insights with the internal team and wider community