Product Development Process

Explanation of the Continuous Discovery process used for product development at Medic

The Medic Product Team operates in a way that is most commonly referred to as Continuous Discovery. That process helps us to focus on the impact of our work and keep teammates well-aligned with the people who use the CHT.

To allow teammates to truly learn from and empathize with those using the CHT, the Medic Product team has cross-functional subteams, called Focused Working Groups, each aligned with different user types. Each group is focused on a specific set of users of the CHT and has an aligned roadmap. Roadmaps are made up of defined initiatives, which map to goals and strategies. There is a big emphasis on working towards outcomes (not only outputs). Product teammates work together, across disciplines, to understand opportunities for improvement, find solutions that will have an impact, and then build, deploy, and measure them.

As part of responsible maintainers of a software system, software engineers also dedicate time to performing Code Health tasks. That ensures updates, upgrades, code enhancements, and small bugs are still handled while the team works on highly focused user-facing objectives. Each Focused Working Group has defined Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), which set their focus for a given quarter. These, in turn, are derived from the Product Team’s yearly Objective Goals Strategies Measurements (OGSMs). The Schedule of Activities has more on the timing of all this through out any given year.

Continuous Discovery Overview

Continuous Discovery basics that Medic Product teammates seek to follow

Focused Working Groups

Cross-functional teams designed to better serve the community

Schedule of Activities

Schedule of activities for Focused Working Groups

Product Trio

What is a Product Trio

UX Research Repository

How to keep track of product research

Quality Assistance

How the Quality Assistance process works at Medic

Code Health

How to keep the code and systems up-to-date

Transparency & Accountability

How we make it easy for others to know what’s going on and getting done.