Product Team

Introduction to Product Team

The goal of this page is to convey a general “lay of the land” so someone starting can see a lot of what’s out there related to Product Team without having to be surprised each day as new things pop up.

About Product Team

The Product Team manages the entire software development life-cycle to understand problems, capture requirements, design and build modular software systems, and document everything along the way. We achieve this by working with CHT partners and health workers to design, build, and maintain the Community Health Toolkit and its open source tools.


The Product Team comprises a Community Team and 4 Focused Working Groups, each focusing on outcomes to serve different people.

Focused Working Groups

The Product Team operates in a way that is most commonly referred to as Continuous Discovery. That process helps us to focus on the impact of our work and keep teammates well-aligned with the people who use the CHT. Read more about the process here.

Each Focused Working Group serves to different user types to understand opportunities for improvement, find solutions that will have an impact, and then build, deploy, and measure them. Find out more about the different Focused Working Groups here.

Community Team

The community team builds and supports the CHT community of practitioners to ensure that community members can actively use and contribute to the CHT.

Key users: Core Developers, App Developers, digital health implementers, research organizations, ministries of health, academic institutions and individual contributors.

Team members:

  • Director of Community.
  • Technical Writer.
  • Developer Advocate.
  • Community Manager.

CHT Round-up calls: Monthly calls aimed at engaging the CHT community, sharing CHT product updates and getting valuable feedback from the CHT community. See previous Round-up calls here.