All The Things

Wide range of topics and resources to support the onboarding

This page is meant to serve as a point of conversation, with a wide range of topics to be discussed when joining Medic or starting as a contributor. Many things are not in any particular order. The goal is to convey a general “lay of the land” so someone starting can see a lot of what’s out there without having to be surprised each day as new things pop up.

First, some general context…

What is the CHT?

Teams at Medic

Meet the Medic team!

  • Product
  • Programs
  • Internal Operations
  • External Affairs

Lifecycle of a CHT Application being built

  1. Programs team starts relationship with an organization.
  2. Service designers and app developers figure out how they want their system to work.
  3. App developers take latest version of the CHT and build the app for the organization.
  4. Android flavor deployed to get branded app onto CHW devices / deployment.
  5. Dashboards are set up in Klipfolio, Superset or Grafana.
  6. Monitoring and alerting are set up with the CHT Watchdog.
  7. Go!
  8. App developers make ongoing enhancements.
  9. App upgraded as new versions of CHT are available.

CHT Academy

  • Fantastic way to understand how certain features of the CHT work.

Now, all the things…


Distributed team

  • Without some effort, it’s easy for things to feel lonely or isolated.
  • Default to asynchronous communication.
  • Respect teammate timezones (including your own!).


  • Reach out to Internal Operations team for guidance on how to submit expenses and get refunded. When submitting expenses, follow up to make sure things get through.


  • Restricted - Clicktime. Getting our ClickTime timesheets submitted on time is vital to source the projects adequately. If necessary, take extra steps to remind yourself of submitting these on a monthly basis. If you have any question about filling in the reports properly, reach out to the finance team.
  • Unrestricted


  • Team Meetups are a great way to build relations with your team! These are usually planned weeks ahead; if you feel comfortable joining, please do!
  • Focused Working Groups team members may sometimes organize in-person meetups to meet with the people they serve. It’s highly recommended to join those trips to get more connected to the team and the mission!


  • There a few calls where you will be required to join. We know that depending on your timezone, you might need to adjust your calendar to be able to attend and we provide great flexibility to do so.
  • Organization-wide calls are recorded.
  • No meetings on Fridays, as we consider Fridays as Deep Work days!
  • Retrospective sessions
  • Daily Standups available in 2 timezones (pick the one that suits you best)
  • Weekly Focused Working Groups meetings
  • Weekly 1-to-1s with your manager




Quality Assistance

  • High emphasis on automation
  • We moved from manual AT (acceptance testing) and release testing to fully automated
  • We leverage quality assistance
    • Faster start-to-live
    • Avoiding silos and shifting of responsibilities (coding and quality).

SRE (Site Reliability Engineering)

  • Support
  • Ticketing system: only GitHub
  • Not on-call
  • We’re offline first, so not every outage calls for immediate action/resolution.


CHT Forum

  • We keep the forum active. It’s a great place to talk with people working with the CHT.
  • Encourage teammates to post and answer questions there instead of Slack when the community might benefit
  • Expecting you to be proactive and support the team with checking forum posts and helping when questions arise


  • Medic-hosted
  • Self-hosted
  • Technical partners

Product Development Process

Technology Radars