Documentation Workflow

How to contribute to the CHT tools and documentation

Getting Started

Anyone can contribute to CHT documentation by opening an issue in the cht-docs repo or by using the “Edit this page” or “Create documentation issue” links in the upper right corner of your window.


  • It is helpful to be comfortable with git and GitHub to contribute to the CHT community.
  • The documentation source is in GitHub. The content pages are in the /content/en/ directory.
  • Documentation is written in Markdown.
  • The CHT site build uses Hugo. You can also setup a local clone.

Writing Documentation

A high degree of importance is put on consistency and usability of CHT documentation so that it is accessible and understood by a wide audience. The CHT documentation style guide will help to write documentation in the most consistent and useful way.

Commits to GitHub

The main branch is main which must be kept stable since it is deployed to the doc site. All documentation changes should be done in a branch with a Pull Request when ready for review. This means that a maintainer has signed off on the change before it hits the main branch.

Format your commit messages according to the Git convention where the first line should be a short title/summary (50 characters or so) with more details in a separate paragraph (if needed).

Creating a Pull Request

When your branch is ready for review, create a Pull Request. If you know who you’d like to review the PR, you can assign them directly. If you are unsure, you can leave it to the maintainers to handle the PR.

Reviewing Pull Requests

In general, reviewers should:

  1. Read the PR description to understand the changes made, as well as any linked issues
  2. Review any comments by other reviewers
  3. Select the Files changed tab to see the files and lines changed
  4. Click the + beside the line you want to comment on. To select multiple lines at once, click the + of the top line of the selection, drag down to the bottom line, and release.
  5. Add any comments you have about the line and click either Add single comment (if you want to post the comment without a review) or Start a review (if you have multiple comments to make).
  6. When finished, click Review changes at the top of the page. Here, you can add a summary of your review, approve the PR, comment or request changes as needed.
  7. Once all comments have been resolved, or changes are satisfactory, Merge pull request to complete the updates, and delete the branch.