Running multiple Chrome versions

How to run multiple Chrome versions on your local machine

Follow these steps on a Mac to run Chrome version 90 while having another Chrome app on a different version.

  • Download Chrome 90.0.4430.72 from slimjet
  • Do not install the Google in your Application folder. Install it in your Desktop folder for example.
  • Change the name of the app to Google Chrome and then move it to the Application folder, without overwritting your current Chrome
  • Remove Chrome’s automatic updates by:
    • Close all Chrome open instances.
    • Open Google Chrome while not having Internet, so it doesn’t give an error after modifying the Info.plis.
    • Right-click on Application/Google Chrome
    • Click on Show package content
    • Open the file Contents/Info.plist in your IDE
    • Find the key KSUpdateURL
    • Replace the string below: to[DUMMYTEXT]
  • Run Google Chrome as long as it’s the only one running