Contributing to the Community Health Toolkit

How to contribute to the CHT tools and documentation

There are many ways to contribute to the Community Health Toolkit.

Are you a developer?

The Development section of the forum is a great place to introduce yourself and ask questions. Or you can also jump right in:

Are you a researcher, designer, or health practitioner?

Are you a partner wondering how issues are prioritized?

There are a number of factors that contribute to prioritization of work. The following represents important factors that are often evaluated together to have the best chance for the largest impact if a partner will:

  • Upgrade to get the feature/bugfix
  • Help validate, design and prototype the feature
  • Offer a time-bound funding opportunity which may influence when something gets done, provided that it aligns with the CHT product vision.
  • Be blocked by it for a major release or expansion
  • Has users that are unable to use the CHT or experience it in a way that results in providing degraded care

Will get prioritized. Further, internally, a ticket may be needed to facilitate a release or perform important upgrades as is critical to do in the maintenance of software.

Also, improvements and ideas for this doc site are always welcome!

Contributing Code

How to contribute to code to the CHT

Contributing Documentation

How to contribute to documentation for the CHT

CHT Technology Radars

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Code of Conduct

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