Step-by-Step Tutorials

A growing collection of thorough step-by-step tutorials for developing and deploying digital health apps with the Community Health Toolkit.

CHT Local Environment Setup

Setting up a local environment to build and test CHT applications

Contact and User Management - Part 1

Creating and editing contacts and users in the CHT UI

Contact and User Management - Part 2

Creating and editing contacts and users with cht-conf

CHT Application Settings

Managing CHT application settings

Building SMS Forms

Building CHT application SMS forms

Building SMS Schedules

Building CHT application SMS schedules

Building App Forms

Building CHT app forms

Setting Form Properties

How to set form properties that contain meta information related to App forms

Configuring Tasks

Configuring CHT tasks

Building Target Widgets

How to build CHT monthly and all time target widgets

Building Contact Summary

Building CHT application contact summary

Building Condition Cards

Building CHT application condition cards

Building CHT Android Flavors

Building CHT Android Flavors