Configure SMS reminders to users

Configure SMS reminders to notify primary contacts to submit reports for their places.

app_settings.js .reminders[]

formstringIf a report with this ID is submitted for this place then the SMS will not be sent.Yes
translation_keystringThe translation key to use to look up the SMS message content.Yes
messagearray or stringDeprecated. The SMS content. Use translation_key instead.No
text_expressionstringThe later text expression to use to set the frequency of this reminder.Yes (unless cron is defined)
cronstringThe cron expression to use to set the frequency of this reminderYes (unless text_expression is defined)
contact_typesarrayAll contact type IDs that should receive the SMS. Defaults to the lowest level places. Added in 3.10.0No

Code samples


"reminders": [
    "form": "stock",
    "translation_key": "sms.reminder.stock",
    "text_expression": "on the first day of the week",
    "contact_types": [ "health_center", "hospital" ]

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