DHIS2 Integration: Instructions and schema for defining DHIS2 integrations

From 3.9.0 it is possible to integrate with DHIS2 by modifying the dhis_data_sets property in app_settings.json.

See Also: DHIS2 Integration

app_settings.js .dhis_data_sets[]

idstringThe data set id from DHIS2 with which to integrateYes
translation_keystringThe translation key of the DHIS2 data set name to be displayedYes

Code samples

Configure the id and translation_key of the DHIS2 data set. The id corresponds to the id of the data set in the DHIS2 instance you want to integrate with. The translation_key corresponds to the name of the DHIS2 data set as it appears in the dropdown in the App Management app.


"dhis_data_sets": [
    "id": "VMuFODsyWaO",
    "translation_key": "dhis.dataset.moh515"