Assetlinks: Defining the Digital Asset Links JSON file associating your domain with your Android app.

Requires CHT Core 4.7.0+, CHT Conf 3.22.0+, and CHT Android 1.3.0+

When using a custom flavor of cht-android to connect to your CHT instance, the ecosystem supports using deep links to open specific content in the app. (E.g. token login links). Security measures in Android require these deep links be verified either automatically or manually. This assetlinks configuration enables auto-verification for your CHT links in your Android app. The provided JSON file will be served at https://<your CHT instance>/.well-known/assetlinks.json. If you do not provide this configuration, users will be prompted to manually associate the CHT domain with your app.

For more information, see the docs for building a new CHT Android flavor.

Specify your digital asset links in the app_settings/assetlinks.json file. The compile-app-settings action in the cht-conf will automatically include this configuration in your app_settings.json file. Then, running the upload-app-settings action will deploy it to the server.

relation[]Array<string>The array should contain only one element: the string delegate_permission/common.handle_all_urls.yes
targetobjectContains fields to identify associated apps.yes
target.namespacestringMust be set to android_app.yes
target.package_namestringThe application ID declared in the app’s build.gradle file.yes
target.sha256_cert_fingerprintsArray<string>The SHA256 fingerprints of your app’s signing certificate. You can get it with the Java utility keytool, see how exactly in our Android guide.yes

Code Sample

This sample associates the Android app org.medicmobile.webapp.mobile to a CHT instance and grants it link-opening rights to the Android app:

	"relation": ["delegate_permission/common.handle_all_urls"],
	"target": {
		"namespace": "android_app",
		"package_name": "org.medicmobile.webapp.mobile",
		"sha256_cert_fingerprints": ["62:BF:C1:78:24:D8:4D:5C:B4:E1:8B:66:98:EA:14:16:57:6F:A4:E5:96:CD:93:81:B2:65:19:71:A7:80:EA:4D"]

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