Case Reports: Defining SMS workflows with schedules and registration of case reports.

The accept_case_reports key contains the actions to take when reports about cases are received.

app_settings.json .accept_case_reports[]

formForm ID of the case form.yes
silence_typeA comma separated list of schedules to mute.no
silence_forDuration from when the report was submitted for which messages should be muted. It is structured as a string with an integer value followed by a space and the time unit. For instance 8 weeks or 2 days. The units available are seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, and their singular forms as well. When a message is muted all messages belonging to the same group will be muted, even if it falls outside of this time period. See messages[].group in Schedules for related info.no
validationsA set of validations to perform on incoming reports. Read more information about configuring validation rules.no
validations.join_responsesA boolean specifying whether validation messages should be combined into one message.no
validations.list[]An array of validation rules a report should pass to be considered valid.no
validations.list[].propertyReport field for which this validation rule will be applied.no
validations.list[].ruleValidation condition to be applied to the property field.no
validations.list[].translation_keyTranslation key for the message reply to be sent if a report fails this rule.no
messagesAn array of automated responses to incoming reports.no
messages[].translation_keyTranslation key for the message text associated with this eventno
messages[].event_typeAn event that will trigger sending of this message. Typical values are: report_accepted when the report has been successfully validated, registration_not_found when the case ID supplied in the report doesn’t match any case ID issued by Medic. Read the documentation on muting.no
messages[].recipientWho the message should be sent to. Use reporting_unit for the sender of the report, clinic for clinic contact, and parent for the parent contact.no

Code sample

"accept_case_reports": [{
  "form": "SIGNOFF",
  "validations": {},
  "messages": [{
    "event_type": "report_accepted",
    "bool_expr": "some expression",
    "message": "some message",
    "recipient": "some recipients"

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