Update Collect Forms Remotely

How to do over-the-air updates of forms in Collect

To do over the air Medic Collect form updates via HTTP rather than sending APKs which have a long manual install process, follow the steps below:

  1. Have your xls forms ready in the folder.
  • They should use underscore as name separators. e.g form_name.xlsx
  • They should have form_id and name properties in the settings

Name property

  1. Upload the forms to the instance using cht-conf Using the upload-collect-forms action as shown below.
cht --instance=user:pass@instancename.app.medicmobile.org upload-collect-forms
  1. Go to the Collect App. Delete All forms then go to Get Blank Form and select all the forms you need.


When you go to Get Blank Forms and instead of getting a list of the forms available, you get a pop-up error which has a portion of this message instead

...OpenRosa Version 1.0 standard: Forms list entry 1 is missing one or more tags: formId, name or downloadUrl

This means you probably uploaded a XLS file without a name or form_id property. To find out which form is missing that, use this command:

curl -vvvv -H "x-openrosa-version: 1" http://user:pass@host:port/api/v1/forms

Should bring a list like this one

Xform List

Go through the list and see which form has a missing <name> or <formID> property. Add it and reupload the forms using cht-conf again.