Installing RapidPro - CHT Gateway Android APK

Integration for sending and receiving messages

RapidPro - CHT uses your Android phone to send and receive messages on your behalf.

Due to restrictions that Google has placed on Android applications that send SMS messages, RapidPro - CHT applications can no longer be distributed through the Google Play Store. You will need to download the application file and install it using the steps below:

  1. Download App - On your Android device, open your browser and download the app by entering the URL:

  2. Launch the RapidPro - CHT installer - Open the notifications shade by dragging from the top and select the downloaded file. download

  3. Tap Settings - You will be taken to a screen with “allow from this source” toggle settings

  4. Toggle allow from this source - Make sure “allow from this source” toggle is in the On position. The go back and click install

    Toggle allow from this source Confirm Toggle allow from this source

  5. Open RapidPro - CHT - Once RapidPro - CHT has been installed, open the app drawer and tap on the RapidPro - CHT icon to start the app. Open RapidPro - CHT

  6. Send Claim Code - When you first open RapidPro - CHT, the app will register your device with Google and our servers. Once that is complete, it will display a claim code. Copy that claim code in the form to the left and send it to your supporting engineers at Medic to connect your device. Copy and Send Claim Code

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Integration for sending and receiving messages