Configuring medic-gateway

Medic gateway supports Android 4.1 and above. To have it up and fully working, follow the below steps.

  • Install the latest APK from the releases in the medic-gateway repo.

  • Open the app. You will get a Warning:medic-gateway is not set as the default messaging app on this device if you are installing the app for the first time or afresh. Select HELP ME CHANGE and agree to the folloup system prompt about changing the default messaging app.

  • If you’re configuring medic-gateway(v1.00 and above) for use with hosted medic, with a URL of e.g. and a username of my_gateway_user and a password of topSecret, fill in the settings as follows:

Instance name: myproject [dev] (if, select ‘app’)
Username: my_gateway_user
Password: topSecret


Power Saving

Care should be taken to disable all power-saving modes on the phone, as these may affect medic-gateway's ability to check in with the server regularly.

On different versions of Android, power saving options may be found in different places. Sometimes they will be per-app, and sometimes phone-wide. Some places you might find the settings:

  • WiFi > MORE > Keep WiFi on during sleep > ALWAYS (increases battery usage)
  • Smart Manager > Battery > App Power Saving > OFF, or
  • Smart Manager > Battery > App Power Saving > Detail > Medic Gateway > Disable