Configuring cht-gateway

CHT gateway supports Android 4.1 and above. To have it up and fully working, follow the 3 steps below.

  1. Install the latest APK from the releases page in the cht-gateway repo. This APK is not in the Play Store, you will need to side-load it as is done with CHT Android.

  2. Open the app. if you are installing the app for the first time or afresh, you will get a Warning:medic-gateway is not set as the default messaging app on this device . Select HELP ME CHANGE and agree to the follow-up system prompt about changing the default messaging app.

  3. Configure the app. If you’re configuring cht-gateway(v1.0.0 and above) for use with hosted medic, with a URL of e.g. and a username of gateway and a password of topSecret, fill in the settings as follows:

Instance name: myproject [dev] (if, select ‘app’)
Username: gateway(Since v1.2.1 medic gateway versions this field is not present in the app. The user gateway is assumed.)
Password: topSecret(This should be the password for the gateway username as set up in the project web instance)


Power Saving

Care should be taken to disable all power-saving modes on the phone, as these may affect cht-gateway’s ability to check in with the server regularly.

On different versions of Android, power saving options may be found in different places. Sometimes they will be per-app, and sometimes phone-wide.

Some places you might find the power savings settings:

  • WiFi > MORE > Keep WiFi on during sleep > ALWAYS (increases battery usage)
  • Smart Manager > Battery > App Power Saving > OFF, or
  • Smart Manager > Battery > App Power Saving > Detail > CHT Gateway > Disable