SSL Cert Install

SSL Cert Installation for Self-Hosting Setups


  • Installed CHT-Core 3.x via docker-compose
  • Your own SSL certifications (Let’s Encrypt)

Copy certs into medic-os container

Inside your server (you may need to use sudo before each command):
$ docker ps
$ docker cp /path/to/ssl.cert medic-os:/srv/settings/medic-core/nginx/private/ssl.crt
$ docker cp /path/to/ssl.key medic-os:/srv/settings/medic-core/nginx/private/ssl.key

Edit nginx configuration file

Inside the medic-os docker container:
$ docker exec -it medic-os /bin/bash
# sed -i "s|default.crt|ssl.crt|" /srv/settings/medic-core/nginx/nginx.conf
# sed -i "s|default.key|ssl.key|" /srv/settings/medic-core/nginx/nginx.conf

Restart services

Inside medic-os container:
$ docker exec -it medic-os /bin/bash
# /boot/svc-restart medic-core nginx

View Nginx Logs

Inside container:
# cd /srv/storage/medic-core/nginx/logs/ 
access.log error-ssl.log error.log startup.og

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How to access container, retrieve logs, isolate security groups