Customizing Titles in the Reports List

Customizing the title shown in the Reports list

Added in 3.9.0

By default the CHT shows the name of the subject of the report in the reports list. This can be overridden by configuring the subject_key property with a translation key in the form document.

The translation uses a summary of the report as the evaluation context so you can include report fields in your value, for example: Case registration {{case_id}}. Useful properties available in the summary include: from (the phone number of the sender), phone (the phone number of the report contact), form (the form code), (the name of the subject), and case_id (the generated case id).

Code Sample

  "internalId": "signal",
  "title": "Signal signoff",
  "subject_key": "signal.list.subject",

CHT Applications > Features > Reports

Reports for Data & Report Management

CHT Applications > Reference > app_settings.json > .patient_reports

Patient Reports: Defining SMS workflows with schedules, registration, and patient reports.

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