Universal Health Coverage Mode

Supporting equitable and timely care to families to increase Universal Health Coverage (UHC)

CHT apps using the UHC Mode empower CHWs to provide equitable and timely care to families in their catchment area. This feature was codeveloped with Muso, and showed an increase in household coverage for both rural and peri-urban settings, thereby increasing the effectiveness of CHWs and improving access to care for the populations they serve.

UHC with the CHT

Apps built using the Community Health Toolkit can be used in support of community-based services, and increase Universal Health Coverage (UHC) by helping health workers regularly reach all the families that they care for. A Muso study in collaboration with Medic, showed an increase in household coverage: UHC Mode should be considered an effective tool that can improve minimum expected home visit coverage and promote progress towards UHC when implemented in the proactive community case management context.

Prioritizing Households

UHC Mode screenshot
Contact sorting screenshot

The UHC Mode in the CHT allows health workers to see when a household within their care area was last visited, and prioritize visits accordingly.

When using the UHC Mode, the households in the contact list can be sorted by when they were last visited. The days since the last visit is also shown in the app, along with the number of visits made to a household in a month period.


The last visited date is calculated based on the number of days since an action was taken for that household, and the number of visits reflects the actions taken for that household in the current month. What constitutes as an action for a household, along with the start date for the reporting period, are configurable to CHT app developers.

CHT Applications > Quick Guides > Forms > UHC Mode

How to enable Universal Health Coverage monitoring with UHC Mode

CHT Applications > Reference > app_settings.json > .roles

User Roles: Defining the roles that can be assigned to users.

CHT Applications > Reference > app_settings.json > .permissions

User Permissions: Assigning fine grained settings for user roles

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