Messaging for Care Coordination, Alerts, and Notifications

Messaging is a quick way to coordinate with other health workers. The Messages tab allows users to send a SMS message to any person or group of people in the app. Common uses of messages include asking questions, coordinating care logistics, providing encouragement or confirming training times.

The main list is a combination of both outgoing and incoming messages. Messages exchanged with the same person or group are organized into a thread, similar to messages in a phone’s messaging app.

The features on the Messages tab are best supported on desktop and most often used by someone in a supervisor role.

Main List

On the main list of messages, the first line of bold text is the name and / or phone number of the sender. The second line is an excerpt from the most recent message, and the third line, if applicable, is the place(s) that the sender belongs to.

In the upper right corner, a timestamp displays when the most recent message was sent. An unread message is indicated by a blue line and bold blue timestamp. Messages are sorted by date with the most recent at the top of the list.

To send a new message that starts a brand new conversation thread, select the “Send Message +” button at the bottom of the screen. On the new message screen, enter the phone number you would like to send the message to or select a person in the app from the drop-down list. Then, type out your message text.

Detail Page

Clicking on a message in the main list will take you to a detail tab where you can see the full text of the conversation. Underneath each individual message in the conversation, you will see the message status which tells you whether or not the message was successfully delivered or received and at what time.

To reply to a message, tap or click in the box at the bottom of the conversation that says “Reply to…” and start typing. Each message is limited to 160 characters but you may send more than one message if necessary.

It is also possible to configure auto-responses and for schedules of personalized, automated messages to be triggered upon submission of a form (e.g., a pregnancy registration triggers a schedule of personalized Antenatal care messages).

CHT Applications > Reference > app_settings.json > .schedules

SMS Schedules: Defining SMS workflows with schedules, registration, and patient reports.

CHT Applications > Quick Guides > Messaging

Building and troubleshooting messaging

CHT Applications > Quick Guides > Forms > App Form SMS

Trigger calls and SMS from within the form, or send an SMS once submitted.

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