Exchange patient-level data with systems based on the OpenMRS platform

OpenMRS is an open source electronic medical record system used in dozens of countries. Integrating CHT apps with OpenMRS can open up opportunities to improve health outcomes for patients by promoting better coordination of care. For example, referrals by CHWs in the community can be sent electronically to health facilities using OpenMRS so that nurses and clinicians can prepare for their visit and have full access to the assessment done by a CHW.

Integrating CHT apps with OpenMRS can be achieved using the OpenMRS REST API and following the guidance in the Custom Integrations documentation.

CHT Applications > Features > Integrations > Custom

Integrate with any system using RESTful APIs

CHT Applications > Features > Integrations > RapidPro

Integrate interactive messaging conversations into your workflows

CHT Applications > Features > Integrations > DHIS2

Send aggregate, patient, and event data to DHIS2