Learning and Care

An integration built to pilot the integrated workflows focused on CHW remote learning and care support for COVID-19.

The Learning & Care Apps in the Community Health Toolkit are designed to onboard community health workers remotely to new digital training tools, and help them learn new information and care delivery responsibilities through customized educational modules.

The modules can be deployed both (i) via the Android integration with the Academy App (powered by OppiaMobile) described in this documentation, and (ii) within the CHT core alone, to provide a seamless online & offline experience for CHWs, supervisors, and government partners.

Problem Being Addressed

The Community Health Academy at Last Mile Health, with a range of content partners including Digital Medic, is building a library of open-access learning materials for community health workers.

With the spread of COVID-19, it is imperative that access to learning, integrated with care protocols, routine task and care workflows, is available to CHWs without relying on face-to-face training.

Solution Overview

The Community Health Academy and Medic set out to deliver a fully-integrated Learning and Care solution, with targeted COVID-19 learning experiences as a global public good.

This integrated Learning & Care App leverages the remote onboarding, task & scheduling, and target features of the CHT core framework with the curated, multimedia educational content from the Academy’s COVID-19 library.

Users and Hierarchy Example

CHWCommunity levelFeature phone or smartphoneReceive notifications about new courses, complete modules and educational assessments; provide feedback and ask for support where needed; discuss content and quizzes with supervisors; support fellow CHWs in onboarding & modules.
CHW SupervisorsCommunity level, based at facilitiesSmartphones and personal phonesMonitor progress & ensure CHWs complete modules and quizzes; liaise with local government partners to be aware of policy updates, and to share CHW training progress & implementation feedback; view customize dashboards and provide support to CHW users.
Government & Local Implementing PartnersCentral and district officesDesktop, laptop and smartphonesMonitor progress of catchment area CHWs and supervisors through analytics & dashboards, provide up-to-date information on country-wide guidelines & global best practices (e.g., from WHO).

Workflow Examples

COVID-19 Learning and Care Supported by the CHT

Integrated Learning and Care Apps COVID-19 Supported by the CHT and OppiaMobile

More background information can be found in this summary deck

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Integrate CHT core with OppiaMobile’s learning management platform

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