Examples and Reference Applications

Templates for structuring and organizing a community health workflow, configuration code, and testing framework

The Community Health Toolkit’s examples and reference apps provide templates for structuring and organizing a community health workflow, its configuration code, and testing framework. They include a foundation for forms, data fields, and analytics, and can be deployed as-is or easily customized by a developer for your unique context.

Maternal and Newborn Health Reference App

Reference application for maternal and newborn care for CHW’s using a mobile app

Contact Tracing

A community surveillance tool to help control infectious disease outbreaks and mitigate secondary disease transmission

Primary Health Care Adaptations for COVID-19

Primary health care workflow and training adaptations for COVID-19

COVID-19 Education and Training for CHWs

Education and training for Community Health Workers to address COVID-19

COVID-19 Testing with Rapid Diagnostic Tests

CHT example application that uses a third party app to capture the result of a Rapid Diagnostic Test.

Direct-to-client, two-way texting workflows on CHT

Reference for Direct-to-client, two-way texting workflows with CHT and RapidPro

Event Based Surveillance

Capturing information about community events that are a risk to public health

Learning and Care

An integration built to pilot the integrated workflows focused on CHW remote learning and care support for COVID-19.

Loss to Follow Up

Generating patients with missed follow-up appointments between CHT and requesting system

Pharmacovigilance Reference app

CHT example application that supports pharmacovigilance in a community setting.

YendaNafe CHT app by PIH in Malawi

The YendaNafe app co-designed by PIH Malawi and Medic

Remote Onboarding and Training

App and care workflow training using remote capabilities.

Stock Monitoring

Guidance on design and development of stock monitoring workflows.

Reference Application for CHW Supervision and Performance Management

A reference app for CHW supervisors to support performance management of CHWs using a mobile app.