Navigating CHT Apps

Browsing your digital health apps

Summary of Page Tabs

Page tabs are the primary way to navigate apps built with the Core Framework. The number of tabs is variable depending on the user’s role and place in the hierarchy. For example, non-admin users don’t have Messages. The Reports tab is accessible to CHWs but often located inside the secondary menu drawer.

  • People​: This is where profiles of districts, staff, CHWs and patients live
  • Tasks​: This is a list of upcoming visits, follow-ups, or other required tasks
  • Targets: Displays real-time visualizations of key activity and impact indicators
  • Reports​: A detailed history of all forms submitted by CHWs and other staff
  • Messages​: A place for community-based staff to send and exchange messages

The Menu Drawer

Tap the menu icon in the upper right corner of the header to access other pages, edit personal settings, view sync status and more.

  • Admin Console: Change advanced app settings (only admin users will see this)
  • Guided Tour: Review new features and important tips
  • About: View your app version and other detailed database information
  • User Settings: Update basic user information like email, phone number, and password
  • Report Bug: Let us know if something isn’t working or you encounter errors
  • Log Out: Sign out of the app

Sync Status

At the bottom of the menu is a notification which provides important about sync status. It lets you know whether reports are being submitted.

If the sync status is green and says “All reports synced,” your reports have been sent. This means you have successfully uploaded all of your data to the server. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have downloaded all of the most recent data from the server.

If the indicator is red, it means there are still reports waiting to send. This means you have not successfully uploaded all of your data to the server. You should check your internet and data connection.