CHT Applications

Overview and reference for building digital health apps

This section provides an overview and reference for building digital health applications with CHT Core.

From a technical perspective, developing a custom app begins with writing XForms, JSON, and JavaScript code that configures the Core Framework’s features to meet your organization’s needs.

The CHT Core Framework allows you to define each element in your app in a modular way, and then specify when and how it should appear for different types of users, without having to modify the underlying framework. Collectively, this customization is referred to as Configuration Code.

Developing an app using the Core Framework requires an understanding of:

  • Javascript code and expressions
  • JSON format used to specify configuration
  • XLSForms to setup actions and contacts

This section provides an overview of CHT features, and the reference material for those looking to build applications with CHT Core. If you’re looking for more context on the typical end users of CHT apps, you’ll find more info in the CHT Design System.


Basic concepts that will help you understand how CHT applications are built

Features of CHT Applications

Overview of features of CHT applications built with CHT Core

Examples and Reference Implementations

Templates for structuring and organizing a community health workflow, configuration code, and testing framework

Step-by-Step Tutorials

A growing collection of thorough step-by-step tutorials for developing and deploying digital health apps with the Community Health Toolkit.

Quick Guides for Implementers

These quick guides address focused CHT app development topics

Reference Documentation

Technical details of CHT app components for app developers